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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The wonders of technology...

I write this post at 33,000 feet at a speed of 455 knots about 30 minutes outside of Dallas Fort Worth. The unique aspect of this blog entry is that it is being written with a live internet connection.

American Airlines, Delta and Virgin America have started rolling out Wi-fi, internet capable connections throughout their fleet. This is being done in conjunction with a service provider GogoInflight. Once at cruising altitude, connections can be made from any wi-fi capable device.

Download speeds are quite healthy (for what it is) at 1.5 Mbps (although latency is, understandably, high). All in all, this is a productive way to continue working, although the seat pitch prevents real efficiency.

The American carriers are trying to out-do each other in trying to attract/retain/retrieve customers, and particularly business customers. This is key for the airlines to improve their financial position.

Incorporating features such as Wi-Fi and internet might do the trick nicely.

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September 2009

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